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The Data We Collect About You

TheOpenHost operates within UK Data Protection Laws as well as applicable laws where our servers are located. The
data we collect about you has to be relevant, accurate and up to date. It must not be kept longer than it is absolutely necessary
and we are obligated to provide you all the information we hold on you on request (where feasible). The data we collect about you

How We Use Your Data

TheOpenHost treats your data in the strictest of confidence. We understand the trust you have given us and under no circumstances
do we intend to ever betray that trust.

Internal access to your data is limited by staff privileges. Only the information relevant and necessary for staff to
assist you with support requests and management of your account is shown. For example, technical support staff does not have access
to sensitive billing details nor your full address. But they do have access to certain information that we use to verify the
authenticity of a request you make. Similarly, data center engineers have no access to any billing or ticket information of your
account as it is not necessary for their day to day work.

3rd Party Access To Your Data

In some cases, it may be necessary for us to disclose certain details about you to a 3rd party (i.e. law enforcement or fraud
prevention). The information we release will only be the absolute minimum information that is required.

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