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Unmanaged vs. Managed VPS Hosting

What is a Virtual Private Server and Which Type Do You Choose?

Whether you are looking to host several online websites for your business, want to create your own game server to play on with friends, or are just looking to create private backups of your computer system, a virtual private server is an easy and affordable way to do all of the above. A VPS is a server that is located in an isolated environment that is allocated dedicated resources, meaning that your server will never be slowed down due to the sharing of CPU, ram or disk space. Not only does this give you increased security, and efficiency but it also gives you instant scalability. Finally, in the event that you have to move your server from one physical location to another, a VPS is flexible and easily managed unlike other hosting options.

Understanding Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting Options

There are two main options that you will come across when looking into virtual private servers. The first being a fully managed service that allows you to concentrate on the end goal of why you are using the server. For website owners, it’s not having to worry about site configuration, security patches or operating system updates. For game server owners, it’s being able to play the game with friends without worrying about the resources the game takes up. Your server gets completely managed by someone else, so once you’ve uploaded your files, you are good to go. The advantages include having 24/7 monitoring and support, a pre-configured SiteAdmin panel or cPanel, guaranteed backups and updates.

An unmanaged service means every little detail about the server is managed, operated and kept up to date by you. This is great if you really want to customize your server as you can put any operating system on it, have any type of setup you want and utilize any type of cPanel/SiteAdmin. You get full root access to the server, meaning you have unlimited software choices, can build up your PHP system however you want and even change up your MySQL settings. In addition to this, all bandwidth, storage space and memory is controlled by you which is great for high traffic websites that need a lot of bandwidth. Finally, because you can tailor the server to exact specifications, you can meet the needs of the industry you’re in.

When comparing the two options side-by-side, it is recommended that for those who are beginners in utilizing online hosting, to side with managed hosting. It works well for small scale businesses, or for those who want to reach their end goal without the technical upkeep. But for those who don’t mind the learning curve, or who are on a tight budget, the unmanaged option is the best route.

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