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Are HTML Sites Dead?

In the olden days, all websites were no more than hand-coded static HTML. There was nothing else. As the internet matured, we were granted CSS so we could style our sites and then ASP and Perl and other programming languages so we could make our sites dynamic. Then we came up with the idea of a CMS and then social interaction and today most sites […]

Adding Customer Headers to WordPress

If you have a WordPress site and you need to add your own headers to your site, like adding some OG Meta Tags, for example, there are (at least) two ways. The first way is to customize your theme. This is only relevant if the theme is custom and if it’s custom built, then anyway whoever built it should be able to customize it. The […]

How do I Login to cPanel

All Shared Hosting accounts with TheOpenHost come with cPanel installed and ready to use. cPanel is a web hosting “Control Panel” which allows you to access all kinds of features and settings within your hosting account, including setting up email and adding domain names etc. The first step, however, is just to login. The login URL for your cPanel is your domain name followed by […]

PHP json decode

The json_decode function takes a JSON encoded string and converts it into a PHP variable. You may get a JSON string via an API call to a third party, for example. Here is a sample of PHP code with the JSON string hard coded, just for clarity: $json_data = ‘{“Dogs”:1,”Cats”:7,”Elephants”:3,”Cobras”:4,”Bees”:5533}’; $json_object = json_decode($json_data); print_r($json_object); and it outputs: stdClass Object ( [Dogs] => 1 [Cats] => […]

How To Install Drupal 8

Installing Drupal is a 4 step process. If you host with TheOpenHost, all you have to do is ask us and we’ll do it for you. But if prefer to do it yourself, or we are not your host, let’s learn how. First, here’s the overview: Get a copy of Drupal 8 Put it on your server Create a Database Install Drupal Below we will […]

Get your website online today

Get your own unmanaged server and put your dreams online, how you want, not how some host tells you to do it. With TheOpenHost you can have a VPS or a dedicated server that you setup and configure for your needs. You then manage and maintain it as you see fit, at your own pace and in your own way. Don’t let your host push […]

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